About Us

The short version:

The purpose of the Nexus-mods.com website is to introduce newly published best game modifications to players on Nexusmods.com, thus giving them a brief description and review of each mod.

The long version:

As long as you play any games, you will find it imperfect and surely would like to change it your way. However, since not everyone knows how to code, you should have a look at Nexus-mods.com website for meeting the same ideas as yours. Each game you download online or purchased from the store comes with a Software Development Kit (SDK), which defines each game features and allow players to modify the creators’ original game features.

Each SDK file is used to develop gameplay, graphic, items and character designs of each game. Some players decided to change features in-game using this SDK file to create the mod files, which is developed in the form of a plug-in.

Not all players are capable of doing this, so the mod creator gamers have decided to share their mods online with or without benefit for other players to download. The game mod files are provided in term of plug and play, which you can download and put them straight in the original game without having any knowledge about coding

The main purpose of the Nexus-mods.com is to create the mod sharing platform online that allows mod creators to exchange their mods and you also can be beneficial from that. However, the website is designed as a forum, in which the contents are not selective and the mods on the site are not reviewed. That is the reason why we are introducing this website to sort out game mods and give players reviews.

About Us

Our Nexus-mods.com website is similar to an online gaming magazine, which will give you the latest information about games. However, our website focuses on the published game mods only.

Nexus-mods.com is not the official website of Nexus Mods. Our website is made to update the latest news on releasing mods for games, which are created and published by fans on nexusmods.com website.