Crafting Workbenches – Craftable Weapons Armor Clothing Ammo Junk

Crafting Workbenches is a mod of Fallout 4 that adds three workbenches to the game, which allows players to craft unusual items. This mod is available for free download here on our website.


Playing Fallout 4, you surely will be disappointed that there are too little weapons, armor and item crafting, which are nothing different from the previous games. They all use the chemistry station for crafting.

Crafting Workbenches will fix all of those problems and allow you to decorate your settlement and get easy access to it easily. It adds three workbenches in your settlement from the settlement mode.

You will be able to craft melee and ranged weapons, ammo, armor, power armor, clothing, outfits, helmets, glasses, masks, and other items. It is made separately into modules, which you can choose which types of items for crafting.

Crafting Workbenches
Crafting Workbenches

The craftable items include:

  • Pre-war and manufactured weapons and armor
  • Power armors
  • Ammunition
  • Junk

There are also some other options that allow you to remove crafting workbench experience and add some items to the Automatron DLC. You can also choose to turn on or off Faction and quest requirements.

The Crafting Workbenches is available for free download here.

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