Mod Configuration Menu

Mod Configuration Menu is a mod of Fallout 4 that provides you with a central location for mod configuration, which can be accessed via the Pause menu. Download it for free on our website.

screen shots
screen shots

In simple words, you will be able to receive a setting page for mods in the game, which can be accessed using the Pause menu. It does not have any effect in the game, however, which should not be installed by itself.

The features of Mod Configuration Menu include:

Mod Configuration Menu
Mod Configuration Menu
  • Configure more aspects of mods than you can do before. It provides a range of controls like checkboxes, steppers, dropdowns, sliders, buttons, text, and Keybinds.
  • It is optimized for PC, which makes it far beyond what consoles can do
  • No ESM and ESP because the mod does not count towards your load order.
  • Save-safe: it does not affect your savegames, it will be done in separated memory.
  • File-safe: it does not override your files and completely stand-alone
  • Hotkey support and conflict detection: assign hotkeys to mod actions to quickly activate them.

If you like its features, don’t hesitate to download it. Mod Configuration Menu is available for free download here on our website.



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