Dynamic Trees – Thaumcraft Compat Mod 1.12.2

Dynamic Trees – Thaumcraft Compat 1.12.2 is a mod for Minecraft making vanilla trees look more realistic. Can it take the place of the ones from Thaumcraft with lively versions and help them become more compatible with Dynamic Trees?

Dynamic Trees - Thaumcraft Compat
Dynamic Trees – Thaumcraft Compat

Key features of Dynamic Trees – Thaumcraft Compat mod

  • The Dynamic Trees mod will turn woody perennial plants beautiful for sure. Even, they will be more complex.
  • Trees from Thaumcraft will be replaced, consisting of:
  • Greatwood – It can create covered in cobwebs and hide a surprise secret
  • Silverwood – these logs can release a little amount of light and leaves can gradually generate again vision in the aura
  • Shimmerleaf trees
  • It’s feasible to produce quicksilver drops if they are collected
  • Have no its own config. file but it will agree with tweaks for the Dynamic Trees one
  • So as to turn off the generation of Thaumcraft, the mod will limit tree generation in the world config. file in their activities.
  • Dependencies: It will require Dynamic Trees version 0.7.7+ and Thaumcraft 6.1 Beta 10.
  • Suitable with every Modpack

Dynamic Trees – Thaumcraft Compat is really a useful mod asking Minecraft Forge that will allow you to improve the environment around your home, especially for the source providing wood and umbrage.


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