MFR Magical Crops Compatibility Mod 1.7.10

MFR Magical Crops Compatibility Mod 1.7.10 is a useful Minecraft mod for Magic Crops. It does help players optimize their harvesting experience.

MFR Magical Crops Compatibility
MFR Magical Crops Compatibility

Do you like farming? Would you like to have more crops in Minecraft? If you love it, why don’t you give this mod a try? It is designed for Magical Crops. You probably know that those crops don’t attach their crops to MinefactoryReloaded. Thus, your experience in harvesting seems not to be complete. This is why the mod is released in order to make the harvesting process better.

Now, when you install this mod in the game, you will realize the way the Magic Crops work becomes way better. It adds two things to the game. So, you will see all magical crop seeds are available in the MFR planter. Also, there are plenty of magical crop crops (blocks) in the harvester.

It is so true to affirm that you can harvest more crops now thanks to the mod. Make use of it to create as many Magic Crops as possible. This is how you beautify your world as well as improve your harvesting experience. If you find it useful enough for you, you can introduce it to your friends. They can fast progress their crops easily as well. To use MFR Magical Crops Compatibility Mod in your modpack, you can ask the author for permission.


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