Improvable Skills 3 Mod 1.13.2/1.12.2

Improvable Skills 3 Mod 1.13.2/1.12.2 in Minecraft aims to power up the abilities of players. It offers a useful book of skills that is free to use.

Improvable Skills 3
Improvable Skills 3

Mastering all skills will help you conquer your opponents. Because there are many abilities with different uses, players are usually in bewilderment of not knowing how to use them. However, from now, they will know which skills are best for them via a book of skills.

Reasons why you should try the book of skills

Do you want to better yourself in Minecraft? Then, start to use the book of skills and your experience now. Thanks to the mod, you can completely use them without any problems. The book is a remake of the classic PlayerStats and PlayerStats 2 using brand new Hammer Core.

Best skills offered by Improvable Skills 3

  • Mining helps you mine pickaxe faster.
  • Attack Speed accelerates the attack speed of your tools and weapons.
  • Accelerated Furnace helps grow the melting speed when you cook foods.
  • XP Bank lets you store a huge amount of XP.
  • Strong Fish helps grow the melee damage that you dish out to any creature.
  • Ladder King boosts your speed as you climb on ladders.
  • Treasure Finder helps you search for valuable resources as you mine.
  • Digging is the skill you use when you dig a shovel. It helps you complete the task faster.
  • With Leaper skill, you can jump higher.
  • Obsidian Skin helps you avoid taking too much damage from fire as well as lava.
  • PvP Protection also helps you dodge taking a huge amount of PvP-tyle damage.
  • Ender Manipulator is the skill that decreases the damage you may take from ender pearl.

Because there are still more other skills featured in the book, you should install Improvable Skills 3 mod to use the book then experience them all!


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