PowerCrystalsCore Mod 1.6.4

PowerCrystalsCore Mod 1.6.4 is one of the core mods officially released and reserved for Minecraft that supplies a functional library by power crystals, which are being continued by skyboy026. It’s necessary to follow the entire facts in case you want to be a pro modder!


An overview of PowerCrystalsCore mod

  • It is a building consisting of numerous collections filled with common code between Ars Magica 2, MineFactory Reloaded, Power Converters, Flat Bedrock, and Nether Ores.
  • Moreover, it is being controlled and deployed by plenty of maintainers for lowering the useless code across those mods.
  • It’s indispensable for mods to run or the game will get troubles with crashes.
  • Placing it first and everybody can find it quickly. It’s crucial for them to complete their missions! Please put everything in coremods!
  • Turn off update notification if you feel annoyed

With space and the content that PowerCrystalsCore introduces, users can own a series of significant materials by power crystals. Note! It is a core mod. It has child mods: Nether Ores, Flat Bedrock, Power Converters, MineFactory Reloaded. Try to search for and grab the right one for your Minecraft version! As previous mods, it requires Minecraft Forge to work. So, you should quickly download the installer and get started for free right now!

PowerCrystalsCore Mod Download Links

Minecraft mod 1.6.4