Gobber [FORGE] Mod 1.19/1.18.2/1.16.5

Gobber [FORGE] Mod 1.19/1.18.2/1.16.5 makes Minecraft more complete by providing it with advanced items. You can use them to better your gaming experience.


The mod brings various things for you to explore. For instance, you can use strong armor, tools, and weapons. It also features some rings, medallions, and staffs. These items make the game more complete. They are quality of life enhancements as well as convenience perks.

Features of the mod:

  • Three new ores in dimensions such as Overworld, Nether, and The End. Besides, they also come in Deepslate version in Overworld.
  • Three levels of coal. They provide different burn times such as 64,000, 96,000, and 128,000.
  • Four sets of armor that bring special perks such as auto feeding/saturation, water breathing, Conduit Power, fire protection, as well as no fall damage.
  • Three sets of weapons and tools that are more advanced than paxels, hammers, excavators, and tree axes with diamond level+.
  • You can use a sword that launches arrows with great accuracy and high velocity on right-click.
  • There is a paxel that puts torches on right-click.
  • You can use a medallion to modify your step height from default 1, 2, and 3 blocks high.
  • Special rings with three levels give lots of perks such as item magnet, mass mining, lumberjacking, a plant or tree growth ring, etc.
  • If you install CuriosAPI, some rings will function in Curios ring slots.

Gobber Mod provides you with advanced equipment so you can play the game better.


  • Minecraft Forge


How to Install Gobber Mod

It’s best to follow the tutorial below if you want to operate Gobber Mod the mod in a smooth way!

  • At first, you should install Minecraft Forge and Mantle Mod!
  • Then, please locate the Minecraft application folder!
    • For Windows, quickly head to Start Menu and choose the Run section. Next, type “%appdata%” and strike the Run button.
    • For Mac, you need to open Finder, press down Alt, and apply the Left Mouse Button to the Go area. Move to the Library on the top bar and enter the Application Support folder to look for “Minecraft.
  • Put Gobber Mod the mod downloaded with the .jar file into the Mods directory.
  • Now, join Minecraft and Left-click on the Mods icon. You will see Gobber Mod there.

Gobber Mod Download Links

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Minecraft mod 1.16.5
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