Metallurgy 4: Reforged Mod 1.12.2

Metallurgy 4: Reforged Mod 1.12.2 brings a series of original utilities for a few materials in-game. Why don’t you embark on finding out other elements now?

Metallurgy 4: Reforged
Metallurgy 4: Reforged

Metallurgy 4: Reforged

We have gotten an unofficial port of the Metallurgy 4 by ShadowClaimer. It’s stable and in active development. The process will occur until the final version is out.

It is a mod that carries out countless various ingredients. Some of them are realistic while other parts are fantasy and more.

Metallurgy 4: Reforged is a customizable Tinkers’ Construct mod. It’s easy to experience many special effects for armor and tools. Install Minecraft Forge and see more!


How to Install Metallurgy 4: Reforged Mod

It’s best to follow the tutorial below if you want to operate Metallurgy 4: Reforged Mod the mod in a smooth way!

  • At first, you should install Minecraft Forge and Mantle Mod!
  • Then, please locate the Minecraft application folder!
    • For Windows, quickly head to Start Menu and choose the Run section. Next, type “%appdata%” and strike the Run button.
    • For Mac, you need to open Finder, press down Alt, and apply the Left Mouse Button to the Go area. Move to the Library on the top bar and enter the Application Support folder to look for “Minecraft.
  • Put Metallurgy 4: Reforged Mod the mod downloaded with the .jar file into the Mods directory.
  • Now, join Minecraft and Left-click on the Mods icon. You will see Metallurgy 4: Reforged Mod there.

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Minecraft mod 1.12.2
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