Applied Exchange Mod 1.7.10

Due to having Applied Exchange Mod 1.7.10, you can sort items in your Minecraft inventory easily. Use the mod to make your item sorting smoother.

Applied Exchange
Applied Exchange

What’s interesting in this mod? It introduces a brand new sorting mode to your Applied Energistics 2 Inventory that you can sort items. Besides, it comes in several ways to sort items, for instance, by Name, by Mod, By Number of Items, as well as by Inventory Tweaks.

Hence, it will be easy for you to classify by the EMC Value of the Items. Since it is just in the beta at the moment, sometimes, you will encounter an option saying “No such message”. Stay tuned then see how the author fixes it.

Applied Change Mod is compatible with ProjectE at present. However, it will support EE3 in the future. So, don’t worry about that. Also, the mod is free to use in any modpack. You don’t have to ask the permission of the author. But for courtesy, you should tell the author the type of the modpack you will use the mod in Minecraft. Hope you find it useful!


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Minecraft mod 1.7.10