Illuminations Mod 1.18.1/1.16.5/1.12.2

Illuminations Mod 1.18.1/1.16.5/1.12.2 is known as a cool client-side Fabric mod for Minecraft, giving numerous glowing particles. If you expect to make the world you live at night is more sparkling, remember to install and check everything about Illuminations below!


Every feature of Illuminations mod

  • Fireflies, glowworms, and other special creatures appearing at night or in dark areas
  • Donator bonus: Twilight aura is available after donating more than 1€- it’s visible to other players nearby
  • Donate multiple times to edit aura, prismatic auras’ color, turn it off
  • Possible work in a Modpack
  • Run on the vanilla server
  • It is usually updated to supply better experiences, especially during the time of darkness.
  • It can upgrade the ambiences and the quality of being outgoing.
  • You can even generate a lantern with fireflies inside to light up your house.

Illuminations will create amazing scenes that you are hard to find it in modern worlds or romantic dates. If you are feeling that shadows are too tasteless, you can try this feature once. Maybe you can find your partner while wandering. Having a bug net is necessary to catch some. Download and install Minecraft Forge from now on in case you are going to visit inventory and craft a lamp or more!


Illuminations Mod Download Links

Minecraft mod 1.18.1
Minecraft mod 1.17.1
Minecraft mod 1.16.5
Minecraft mod 1.15.2
Minecraft mod 1.4.4
Minecraft mod 1.12.2
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5/5 - (1 vote)