Modern Lights Mod 1.12/1.11.2/1.10.2

Modern Lights Mod 1.12/1.11.2/1.10.2 for Minecraft aims to improve your building to make it look more modern. Try this mod for a fresh look on the building.

Modern Lights
Modern Lights

What is the Modern Lights Mod for?

The point of the mod is to help players decorate their buildings and make them look even cooler. Thanks to the mod, you can add plenty of types of lights. Building constructions in Minecraft is one of the most important tasks that players have to do. Hence, it will be cool if you decorate your home. If you own a modern building, then you should use modern lights to better its appearance. You will find this mod useful.

What lights does the mod bring?

There are plenty of types of lights in the mod you can use to decorate your buildings, for instance:

  • Basic ceiling light.
  • Wall neon light.
  • Ceiling neon light.
  • Ground light.
  • Glass block with neons.
  • Suspended neon light.
  • Vertical neon light.

Since Modern Lights had several tests on MC, it comes with two versions with a fix and some new content:

  • In V1.0.1, the mod dev has applied a fix to the shades of the light blocks. Now, they look more brilliant.
  • In V1.02, there are two new things, including neon-powered glass block and wall lights.


Modern Lights Mod Download Links

Minecraft mod 1.12
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