Pam’s Mob Drop Crops Mod 1.7.10

Pam’s Mob Drop Crops Mod 1.7.10 is a unique mod featuring bushes in a world full of drop mob items. You use it to plant more crops.

Pam's Mob Drop Crops
Pam’s Mob Drop Crops

Who will need to use Pam’s Mob Drop Crops?

Do you want to play on Peaceful? Have you removed mobs from your Minecraft game? Whatever it is, you will need the mod to plant mob item crops. In this mod, you see that there are lots of bushes spawning in the world. When they take damage, they will release a mob item for you. Although the mob items are diverse, you will catch sight of some types frequently. They are usually Blaze Towers or Chalices. These items spawn in the Nether, so go toward that land to take them.

You can make use of the mob items or combine them with wheat seeds. This is how you make a mob drop seed. Also, it is kind of easy to do!

What are the mob items to collect and where to find them?

The mob items from Pam’s Mob Drop Crops are various. To collect them, you embark on adventures in some areas, for instance:

  • Blaze Flower – Blaze Rod: You find these mob items in the Nether.
  • Bone Pile – Bone: To get these items, go to the Deserts.
  • Ender Pedestal – Eye of Ender: Venture into the Jungles to pick them up.
  • Rotten Mound – Rotten Flesh: You will catch sight of these mob items in the Plains.
  • Eye Bush – Spider Eye: Stroll along the Beaches to find them.
  • Slime Puddle – Slime Ball: Immerse yourself in the Swamps then you will find these mob items.
  • Tear Chalice – Ghast Tear: Travel to the Nether where you will see the mob items.
  • Creeper Pod – Gunpowder: Start your adventure in the Forests to collect them.

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