Candy World Mod 1.12.2

Candy World Mod 1.12.2 is a useful mod that has the function of adding a variety of food items via the world generation, crafting recipes, and mobs.

Candy World
Candy World

Actually, in the current version, there are three different biomes as well as four new mobs added into the game. You can find them in the custom dimension and probably in the overworld.



  • You can find mostly everything this mod adds in the overworld, however, you will not need to worry about finding the biomes if you traveling to the Candy world.
  • In order to do it, you need to create a Magic Piece of Candy, and then eat it in order to teleport to this dimension. You can only use this item once but it will not be consumed when traveling to the dimension in order to make sure a way returning home.


  • Chocolate and cotton candy are able to be crafted.
  • The mod adds new crafting tables, therefore, you do not need to carry your own once traveling to the dimension. All the tools are possible to be eaten by sneak right-clicking.
  • The amount of food will be restored based on the type of tools as well as its durability.


  • Cotton Candy Plains: The main food item in there is cotton candy. You also can find brownies as the soil blocks. The trunks of the trees are created with a candy cane block. In order to cut down the trees, you should use a pickaxe.
  • Chocolate Forest: You can commonly find milk, dark and white chocolate in this biome. Additionally, other items like wafer sticks are also here. You are also able to find cookie ore in abundance.
  • Gummy Swamp: This is the most colorful biome that comes with five types of gummy used to make up the terrain. You can find huge gummy worms in this biome.

Download Candy World Mod for free and you can instantly enjoy all of the great features.


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