Cuisine Mod 1.12.2

Cuisine Mod 1.12.2 aims to improve your cooking in Minecraft. It takes you to a culinary world where you can customize dishes easily.


Cooking in Minecraft has been much easier than ever with this mod

As its title said, the main point of the mod is to provide players with everything they need for cooking. Among cooking mods you may have used before, this is the best one. By using it, you will feel like you are cooking like in real life. In other words, it helps you cook very well and fast.

Cuisine mod also shortens the preparation process. Hence, you don’t have to go through a long process for cooking foods. You just simply imagine that you are standing right in your kitchen with various types of ingredients as well as elements to use. This is also what the mod provides.

Feel free to cook any dishes that you want! You can cook them anytime anywhere using various elements that the mod requires. Your cooking ability has an influence on the quality of the food though. You will also get many surprises when you combine different ingredients. If you love cooking, you will surely love to use the mod.

How to use Cuisine

It is easy to use the mod for your cooking, but still, you will need some basic steps to follow:

  • Get some Just Enough Items ready. You will use it to have a good grasp of crafting recipes of tools for ingredients. The work becomes even easier due to the Ore dictionary.
  • Then, you will start a hunt for some ingredients, such as grains and vegetables, etc.
  • Start cooking foods when you are ready for it!


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Minecraft mod 1.12.2