Pam’s Harvest the Nether Mod 1.7.10

Pam’s Harvest the Nether Mod 1.7.10 is a Minecraft mod that drops more trees with bushes, crops, and glow flowers with some survival recipes into the Nether. What you follow below will show you how they happen in such a dangerous dimension.

Pam's Harvest the Nether
Pam’s Harvest the Nether

Pam’s Harvest the Nether mod features

  • Nether bed will be activated when Better Sleeping gives Nether support.
  • Marrow Berry with Ignis Fruit are listAllfruit, Flesh Root is listAllrawmeat, Blood Leaf is listAllveggie and listAllgreenveggie

Value conversions within Pam’s Harvest the Nether mod

  • With 9 Netherrack, we will own 9 Cobblestone
  • To 2 Gravel, you receive 2 Sand
  • 1 Nether Log allows you to have 4 Nether Planks
  • Nether Planks can create common wood objects
  • Nether Saplings will appear from Nether Leaves
  • When you collect Blood Leaf/Flesh Root/Marrow Berry, you will be given Seed (can choose them to grow in Soul Sand)
  • 2 Glow Stone will provide a Glow Flower Seed
  • 3 Glow Flower can bring back 2 Glow Stone
  • Glow Flower seed can be grown in cultivated soil
  • Glow Flower is positioned on Netherrack, Soulsand, and Dirt, Farmland, Grass
  • Gather 3 Quartz, 1 Nether Brick to acquire Quartz Ingot
  • Shape ingots with sticks to generate tools and more for armor
  • 6 blood leaves and 3 Nether planks on the bottom will produce a Nether Bed

Pam’s Harvest the Nether is an exciting mod for Minecraft when it helps you interact much more with trees or plants, flowers, and achieve many valuable recipes. Download Minecraft Forge and reach the end of the installation process so you can immerse into the fun content that the add-on introduces to you!

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