Angel of Vengeance Mod 1.15.2/1.14.4/1.12.2

Angel of Vengeance Mod 1.15.2/1.14.4/1.12.2 is a Minecraft mod that allows players to heal damaged players or stuff. Try this mod to prove your healing skills!

Angel of Vengeance
Angel of Vengeance


What is Angel of Vengeance mod about?

There are various Minecraft mods, and this one is also a must-try. It centers on a healer who can revive damaged entities, creatures, or even players. The mod brings five classes to use, for instance, Cleric, Favored Soul, Astrologian, Paladin, and Druid. Each class takes on a different function as follows:

  • Favored Soul:  This class is an offensive mage that casts a spell. He utilizes light spells to deal damage to undead.
  • Astrologian: In Angel of Vengeance mod, the Astrologian uses the power of the stars to cast strong but random buffs. They are the main buffers as well as a side healer.
  • Paladin: You control the Paladin as your tank in combat. They will dodge all attacks using their unique dodge mechanic. Also, when you get them a shield, they will have even stronger benefits.
  • Cleric: The main task of Cleric is to heal the damaged.
  • Druids: They are Attackers, Healers, or Casters that use nature to cope with challenges. Also, you can choose a mixed druid or a non-mixed one. However, the one that is not mixed is usually stronger than the mixed one.

How to play this Minecraft mod

Playing this healing mod is not quite hard though. You can follow the steps below to master the mod easily:

  • Firstly, you craft an Unattuned Statue. Then you will have a base to create other statues in the mod. Make sure all classes have different statues.
  • Secondly, you start positioning a certain Attuned Statue in the Minecraft world.
  • Thirdly, right-click on the statue then you will know specific information about that statue’s class.

Remember to make use of your abilities to grow your experience then you can level up to get points when playing Angel of Vengeance mod. Try it in Minecraft then see how fast you can heal stuff!


Angel of Vengeance Mod Download Links

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