I18nUpdateMod 1.12.2

I18nUpdateMod 1.12.2 helps Chinese players by supporting the simplified Chinese. The mod also comes with functions, instructions, shortcut keys, and more.


Chinese players can now feel relieved when they have trouble with the language in Minecraft game. This forge mod is made for players from China only. Once you have installed it, it will help you download a package that stores the simplified Chinese. Also, you can use the mod to change the current to the simplified Chinese easily.

The mod comes with various elements to explore, such as notifications function, diverse configuration, as well as issues feedback. All of them are available in the modpack. You can approach instructions and several shortcut keys in the mod as well. Remember to change the shortcut keys if you want.

How to use the mod:

  • To see notifications, you type /lang_notice.
  • To visit the issues feedback web page, you have to press an item then enter /lang_report
  • Another way to visit the issues feedback web page is to point the mouse to the item then you use Ctrl and K. This helps you get to the web page easily.
  • For the equivalent translation page, you can directly get to the page by using the weblate account to point to the item. After that, you use Ctrl and L to complete it.
  • For the MCMod wiki entry, you can simply point the mouse to the item then use Ctrl and M.

MIT license is the author of I18nUpdateMod. Since it is free to use in your modpack, you can use it anytime you want. The mod aims to help Chinese players enjoy the game easily.

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Minecraft mod 1.12.2