Animal Bikes Mod 1.14.4/1.12.2/1.7.10

Animal Bikes Mod 1.14.4/1.12.2/1.7.10 is an interesting mod that will enable the players to convene ridable animals as well as other creatures.

Animal Bikes
Animal Bikes

It is worth noting that all of those bikes own unique attributes or possibilities. In order to craft the bikes, you need to use a saddle. You can find it in dungeon chests or follow a certain recipe to create it. The mod allows both single-player and multiplayer as well.

After owning a crafted bike, you just need to right-click with the item in hand in order to spawn it and after that, right-click with an empty hand in order to ride it. These animals are different in ability and speed.


Ender Dragon Bike

  • This bike will let you fly around your world on an ender dragon. Once you right-click on this dragon with a steal and flint, it will breathe fire.

Wither Bike

  • It will enable players to fly around on the Wither.
  • Use wither skulls to craft the wither bike.
  • Once you shoot a bow while riding this bike, it will shoot a wither skull in the direction you shot.

Dino Bike

  • It will let you ride around on a dino. Whenever you come across an animal, it will pick up this animal. If you press shift, it will put the animal down.

Chinese Dragon Bike

  • This bike will enable players to fly around the world on a Chinese dragon.

Pony Bike

  • It will allow the players to ride around the world on a Pony. It consists of 4 types of ponies: The ground pony, the unicorn pony, the Pegasus pony, and the alicorn pony.

Polar Bear Bike

  • It enables the player to ride a polar bear around the world. In the beginning, this bike will run slow but it will speed up after 5 seconds.

Chocobo Bike

  • It will help you to ride around the world on a Chocobo. If you want to make it runs faster, feed it with the carrot.

And a lot of types of bikes are waiting for you to explore. Download Animal Bikes for free here.


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