Youtuber’s Lucky Blocks Mod 1.12.2/1.9.4/1.8.9

Youtuber’s Lucky Blocks Mod 1.12.2/1.9.4/1.8.9 will be a very fantastic choice for the Minecraft players. It comes along with a great addition of Lucky Blocks with a lot of custom models. If you want to know more about the function of this block in the game, you can read the article right now.

Youtuber's Lucky Blocks
Youtuber’s Lucky Blocks

With this mod, you now can be able to add Lucky Blocks with custom models into your game world. In fact, this mod is not an add-on for the original Lucky Block mod. It is designed to be a fully different separated mod.

At the moment, the mod consists of a total of 10 famous YouTuber’s lucky blocks. In addition, it also provides several swords and other blocks that haven’t been craftable already. All of them are exclusive by only Lucky Blocks this mod adds. Moreover, the mod offers youtuber mobs in the game that will attempt to take you down when they spawn in the world.


  • Currently, the mod includes 40 well-known youtubers lucky blocks. In the near future, it is intended to add many more and increase those blocks.
  • It comes along with some new powerful swords as well as other blocks that are only exclusive by lucky blocks. There will not have any other ways to craft these blocks.
  • It also provides youtubers morpho kit with them that you are able to be any of the youtuber you like.
  • Youtuber mobs are also added to the game.


  • All luck blocks have their own drops and a few drops are popular.
  • Each block will contain 50 random drops that you are possible to gain.

Don’t hesitate to download Youtuber’s Lucky Blocks Mod for free here and enjoy the Lucky Blocks.


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