Dark Menagerie Mod 1.7.10

Dark Menagerie Mod 1.7.10 adds a wide range of dark-themed creatures. Explore this Minecraft mod then see how many mobs you will handle.

Dark Menagerie
Dark Menagerie

A brand new world of dark creatures is waiting for you ahead

The creator of the mod is RWTema. He decided to improve players’ experience by introducing a variety of new creatures via the mod. His curiosity about the handling of entities and rendering of Minecraft is the main reason for making the mod.

The creatures are harmless. In other words, they have no right to divert gamers from the game. They are just there trying to harmonize with the flow of gamers’ experience. Also, they can even make the gameplay better. According to the creator, he would want to add more stuff to the creatures, for instance, exclusive quirks, unique characteristics, as well as AI methods.

Dark Menagerie adds mobs with different appearances

The mobs come in various types. Let’s have a look at a list of dark mobs that you can play with while you are on this mod:

  • Elephant
  • Fire ant
  • Field Mouse
  • Mantikitten
  • Mummy
  • Energy Ghost
  • Infested Villager
  • Cultist of the Dark Lepus
  • Living Armor

Now, you have known what the mod is for. Dark Menagerie may not be the best mod about mobs, but it partly shows a new side of the world you are conquering. Besides, it shows the way the game handles the entities. There will be more creatures released in the mod in the future. So, try it now and stay tuned to it.


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