FTB Islands Mod 1.7.10

The main point of the FTB Islands Mod 1.7.10 is to help players generate various islands in Minecraft game. Be the best island creator!

FTB Islands
FTB Islands

Building big islands in Minecraft is an interesting yet challenging mission. However, you can make it easier from now by using the mod. It is known as an Island Creation tool for servers that run the packs, such as Infinity Skyblock and Sky Factory.

What makes the mod an effective tool is that it comes with various commands that are easy to use. This means you can follow the commands to create multiple islands. There is no limit to your ability in building islands. Feel free to create 100 different islands including spawn if you want. There are several commands you can follow, for instance:

For OP:

  • /island_create
  • /island_delete
  • /island_rename
  • /island_setspawn
  • /island_list

For users:

  • /island_join

Get ready to build a world full of beautiful islands using FTB Islands Mod! This is also how you beautify your world in Minecraft. After building them, you can enjoy those islands and even embark on challenging adventures.


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