Charset (1.10.x) Mod 1.10.2

Charset (1.10.x) Mod 1.10.2 is a unique mod for Minecraft 1.10.2. It gives plenty of characters and useful modules that players use to modify in-game elements.

Charset (1.10.x)
Charset (1.10.x)

If you want to own a cool set of characters, then try this mod. It features a copy called CurseForge that aims to offers various releases for version 1.10.2. If you make use of the modules, you can easily customize some of your favorite elements in the game. So now, let’s check them out!

What are the modules you can use in this Charset (1.10.x) mod?

There is a wide range of effective modules that spark your attention. Each module helps you do a cool thing in your Minecraft adventure. They are:

  • Decoration: The module allows you to attach a Factorization-esque Poster.
  • Drama: You can put the Drama in a Bottle easily.
  • Pipes: Feel free to attach an item transport system then it goes around Pipes and Shifters.
  • Audio: It connects audio players, speakers, etc.
  • Wires: The module lets you attach Cables and Bundled Cables.
  • Tweaks: With several tweaks, your gaming experience will be much better.
  • Wrench: You can attach a wrench then let it go around multiparts.
  • Gates: You will have lots of logic gates thanks to this module.
  • Storage: You have Barrels with Locks to secure inventories.

Now, you have known what Charset (1.10.x) is for in Minecraft. Try the mod now to have a set of characters with useful modules!


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