Terra 1 to 1 Mod 1.12.2

Terra 1 to 1 Mod 1.12.2 brings a brand new world to Minecraft. The mod helps you create the structures and features on earth in an easy way.

Terra 1 to 1
Terra 1 to 1

About Terra 1 to 1

You don’t have to use strange blocks or biomes to generate structures and features because the mod can help you out. It is all about using public online datasets to help your building. You will create them following a simple scale: 1: 1.

The mod lets you experience plenty of features, for instance, biomes, roads, trees, etc. You can take them from global data sources easily.

What can you do with the mod?

Feel free to perform various actions and things using this Minecraft mod:

  • It allows you to build Grass Pathways, Stone Brick Minor Roads, as well as Concrete Roads from OpenStreetMap.
  • It lets you experience basic oceans that are built on an elevation and precise depths.
  • Feel free to adjust the world with GUI without using MalisisCore.
  • You can toggle roads anytime you want.
  • Also, it allows you to toggle experimental selections, for example, smooth blending.

By using Terra 1 to 1 mod, you can make your building easier and create more interesting constructions.


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