Cloaks of Skyrim


Cloaks of Skyrim was created by Noodle and uploaded by Nikinoodles. The first version was released on March 4, 2012.

On this Cloaks of Skyrim version 1.2, it packs additions including almost 100 new cloak styles to the realm. More than that, there are leveled-lists crafted and some are via static loot.

They are incredibly gorgeous and friendly and will be added more in every update. The purpose of this mod is to offer several flavors and variety to the world as well as the opportunity to dress a fashionable cloak and keep warm.

Cloaks of Skyrim

The cloaks also enable defense against the cold in both the Hypothermia and Frostfall mods.) Players will see NPCs around Skyrim wearing types of different cloaks. Surely, there are one-of-a-kind variations in your travels. The great thing is that the cloaks use slot 46, so you can wear them without replacing any other equipment.

There are some significant updates in Cloaks of Skyrim version 1.2, include:

  • Dawnguard DLC optional added.
  • Weight-slider support for burlap, cape meshes, and linen.
  • A bundle of tweaks and improvements
  • New capes and cloaks, including the Companions, Dawnguard, and the College of Winterhold among others.
  • Crafting changes, containing the excellent spinning wheel resource by Stroti

With a lot of terrific changes as well as significant updates, what are you waiting for experiencing Cloaks of Skyrim? Download Cloaks of Skyrim at Skyrim Nexus mods right away or cry later!

Link to Cloaks of Skyrim download at Skyrim Nexus mods right here.