Fores New Idles in Skyrim – FNIS


If you are wondering how a character in Skyrim dance, fly and perform more actions on the scene, it is the Fores New Idles that allows animation in Fores New Idles in Skyrim – FNIS.

Custom animations for Skyrim now are available in several mods. Accordingly, things like spell casting, dancing, even flying in dragon wings. However, for dancing, it requires another mod for the animation to work correctly. And that mod is Fores New Idles in Skyrim and FNIS for short.

Whilst many people would like to try these cool effects, but they are somehow nervous about installing FNIS because the installation process is a little complicated.

Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS
Fores New Idles in Skyrim – FNIS

How to install Fores New Idles in Skyrim and FNIS

It is mandatory to have the main file Behavior prior to installing the FNIS.

If you want the NPCs to do a lot of animations, you will need FNIS Spell add-on. You can also install the Creature Pack V6_1 as an option for creature animation mods.

The first thing to do is to activate the Behavior file in the Nexus mod manager. Then, double click on the mod animation file you’ve just downloaded. If it asks you to upgrade, just click No.




But that’s not all. Now, you will find the Tool folder where you will see the folder Data/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users in your Skyrim installation directory. Look for the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe. Run it as Administrator.

There will be patches in the appeared interface; you can skip ticking them if you think it’s not for you. Go on the hit the Update FNIS Behavior. When it finishes scanning, you are actually done.

When you click exit, you will be prompted for a shortcut on your desktop. It’s worth clicking Yes at this point where you will need to rerun this mod a few more times.

Get your FNIS Download at Skyrim Nexus Mods now.

Fores New Idles in Skyrim – FNIS