Immersive Armors


Hothtrooper44 is a well-known author for making excellent quality armor mods for Skyrim. The Immersive Armors is one of the most popular mods for Skyrim having more than 10,000 endorsements and awards. Any Skyrim player must have this mod installed.

The mod adds 55 totally new sets of armors integrated in the level lists. It also includes over 60 variants and tons of additions such as helmets and shields. You can find new eye patches, earrings, capes, and more wearable-relevant items that are all craftable, upgradable, enchantable. It allows you to find armor pieces added by the mod on NPCs or hand-placed in certain dungeon.

Immersive Armors
Immersive Armors

All the items added by the mod are forgeable underneath a custom crafting menu called auxiliary armors. If you have the right smithing perk and materials, you’ll be able to forge those cool armors.

For a certain number of armors, it might require you to meet special conditions in order to craft them. You can also improve the armors at a workbench and enchant them. Every armor can be worn on all races and genders.

On the latest release of version 8, there are further expansions on the MCM options allowing more customizations and mod compatibility. When upgrading from X version to Y version, there is no requirement but a one-click installation process.

If your Skyrim is missing this mod, here is the Immersive Armors Download at Skyrim Nexus Mods.