_NPCScan.Overlay WOW Addon 7.3.0/7.1.0/7.0.0

_NPCScan.Overlay WOW Addon 7.3.0/7.1.0/7.0.0 is mainly an add-on for _NPCScan. It is designed for players who want to get map overlays. Now it’s time to uncover all outstanding features of this addition.


This add-on, as mentioned above, aims to offer map overlays for rare mob patrols. If you are using _NPCScan and looking for a rare in _NPCScan, _NPCScan.Overlay will play the role of displaying the place it patrols until you find out it.


World Map

  • Besides the function of drawing paths on World Map, this add-on also complements a key to a corner of the window coming along with each rare’s name.
  • But note that it just appears in areas in which include rare maps.
  • When you hover over the name of a mod in the key, this will make the mob’s path on the map begin flashing.
  • You can click on the Key Toggle button on the map in order to read something under the key


Battlefield Minimap

  • The little “Battlefield Minimap” displays mob paths too


  • Every mini-map’s shapes and sizes are supported.
  • Mini-map rotation works well
  • You can find a thinner 100 yard range ring around characters in the Minimap subsection

In conclusion, _NPCScan.Overlay WOW Addon 7.3.0/7.1.0/7.0.0 is highly recommended to install together with _NPCScan to use the map overlays. Don’t hesitate to download this addition and experience its greatness.

_NPCScan.Overlay WOW Addon Download Links

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