Auctionator WOW Addon 8.3.0/8.2.0/8.1.0

Auctionator WOW Addon 8.3.0/8.2.0/8.1.0 is programmed as an add-on of World of Warcraft. Essentially, it is developed for casual auction house users. Follow the article to get more information about how it works.


As mentioned above, this add-on is created for casual auction house users with the aim of enhancing usability meaning that it will make the auction house become easier to utilize.

Specifically, it will show off auction house listings obviously and logically by the size of stack and prizes as well in order to buy simply. At the same time, this add-on also removes the tediousness of posting items as well as managing auction via the semi-automation of those operations.



  • When purchasing, it will show off sorted auction listings coming along with some details
  • When selling, it will show off current listings on the auction house in order to compare prices
  • Allow auto-checking prices for easy-to-manage auction.
  • It will show auction house price as well as vendor prices on the item tooltip
  • It enables you to scan for auction prices in case the AH is opened.
  • Allows adding search terms
  • Exact Search: Just give back the results with the exact name you put in
  • Level/Price/Item Level:: Just give back in the specific range
  • Crafted Level: for filtering crafted items by the level they are crafted at.

In short, Auctionator WOW Addon 8.3.0/8.2.0/8.1.0 promises to bring you a lot of conveniences. Download it and you can enjoy it right now.

Auctionator WOW Addon Download Links

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