Garrison Mission Manager WOW Addon 8.1.0/8.0.0/7.1.5

Garrison Mission Manager WOW Addon 8.1.0/8.0.0/7.1.5 is programmed as a useful tool to help players select the best team for Battle for Azeroth mission table, WoD’s Garrison mission, as well as other tasks relating to followers management


Essentially, team selection is the GMM’s core. Specifically, the mission list will include a button while the individual mission page will include the top three buttons. You are enabled to click any of these buttons in order to set the suggested team. Moreover, each button will display the success rate coming along with icons of bonuses got by this team or decreased time. In addition, when you hover over these buttons, they will display tooltip along with the suggested team.

Besides, the tool also checks every combination of every follower as well as chose those that will bring the best total success opportunity that is reported directly by WoW.

Garrison Mission Manager
Garrison Mission Manager

Additional team selection features

  • Yield mode: there will have a second set of three more buttons on missions providing materials or gold rewards. They will show the best selections for maximizing these resources, as well as sacrifice other optimizations.
  • Fully maxed followers: In case all your un-maxed are busy and if you have salvage yard as well, the tool will give you remaining maxed followers on these missions and enable you to hunt for salvage crates.
  • Inactive/ busy followers: The tool will check busy followers who are working or on the mission, deactivated, or even unavailable.

We cannot reveal too much information about Garrison Mission Manager WOW Addon 8.1.0/8.0.0/7.1.5. It will be better if you try downloading it for free and uncover the rest of its features.

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