Gatherer WOW Addon 7.3.0/7.2.0/7.1.0

Gatherer WOW Addon 7.3.0/7.2.0/7.1.0 is designed as a great addition for miners, herbalists, as well as treasure hunters in WOW. Now let’s get started to uncover all helpful features of this add-on via the article below.


It aims mainly to keep track of the nearest plants, deposits as well as treasure locations on players’ mini-maps. Instead of tracking like a tracking capability, it will remember where the player has found different items in the past.

It will perform this ability whenever the player gathers on an item and after that, it records the specific map location in the history. Consequently, any when the item comes into the range of being one of the nearest 1-25 items to your current location, this add-on will pop up on their mini-map.

Moreover, in case the player watches their World Map, they will also view the locations of the item that are marked on a certain map they are watching there.


How to use

  • You only need to play the game as normal
  • In case you gather items, they will appear on your mini-map as well as your main map.
  • If you need to configure this addition, you can click the Gatherer configuration icon that floats around your minimap frame.

In short, Gatherer WOW Addon 7.3.0/7.2.0/7.1.0 is very essential if you are treasure hunters or miners in World Of Warcraft. Don’t hesitate to download it for free and enjoy its greatness.

Gatherer WOW Addon Download Links

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