GatherMate2 WOW Addon 1.13.0/8.2.0/8.1.0

GatherMate2 WOW Addon 1.13.0/8.2.0/8.1.0, which you can download for free via the link below the article, is programmed as an add-on for World of Warcraft. The main purpose of this is to collect and keep track of herbs, ores, gas clouds, fishing pools, as well as treasures.


Specifically, the add-on will gather and track them and after that, will show off them on both the world map and the mini-map. It will memorize the positions of ores the player mine, as well as all herbs they pick. This aims to help you find the locations of these mines and herbs again simply and easily.

It means that in case the player enters the range of a recorded spot, this add-on will display an icon that represents the specific type of ore or herb on the mini-map so that it enables the player to directly decide if it is worth checking out.


Moreover, every spot will be displayed on the World map in order to easily navigate to particular types of nodes. Additionally, it also offers you a pre-filled data module to start things off, so that you are allowed to begin collecting right away without uncovering herbs or ores by yourself.


  • Keep track of all collecting professions and a lot more
  • Ores
  • Herbs
  • Gas clouds
  • Treasures
  • Import data through GatherMate2_Data
  • Install GatherMate_Sharing in order to share data in your guild
  • And much more!

Download GatherMate2 WOW Addon 1.13.0/8.2.0/8.1.0 for free without any hesitation and experience its greatness immediately.

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