HandyNotes WOW Addon 1.13.0/8.3.0/8.2.0

HandyNotes WOW Addon 1.13.0/8.3.0/8.2.0 works as its title meaning that it is essentially handy notes for your maps. It is programmed as an add-on for World Of Warcraft. Follow the article if you want to get more information.


The add-on, as intention, is a little and simple substitution for Cartographer_Notes and functions as well in the same manner. You can use the command / handynotes in order to access options.

Specifically, you are possible to use 3 different ways to add a note to your maps:

  • The first way: you use Alt-RightClick on the world map in order to add a note
  • The second way: you can use the command “/hnnew” but without the quotes in order to add a note at your present location.
  • The third way: You use the command “/hnnew x,y” but without the quotes in order to add a note at position x,y on your present zone’s map.


The article introduces some changes for WoW 8.0 / Battle for Azeroth below:

  • Because of the significant changes in the map and all related logic, HandyNotes 1.5.0 will show off changes to the Plugin API too.
  • Has been changed to HereBeDragons-2.0, because HBD-1.0 is not compatible with WoW 8.0 / BfA
  • All plugins which directly reference HereBeDragons also need to modify
  • And much more

Don’t hesitate to download HandyNotes WOW Addon 1.13.0/8.3.0/8.2.0 for free and you can experience its features.

HandyNotes WOW Addon Download Links

WOW Addon: 1.13.2
WOW Addon: 8.3.0
WOW Addon: 8.2.5
WOW Addon: 8.1.5
WOW Addon: 8.0.1
WOW Addon: 7.3.0
WOW Addon: 7.2.0
WOW Addon: 7.1.0
WOW Addon: 7.0.3
WOW Addon: 6.2.0
WOW Addon: 6.1.0
WOW Addon: 6.0.3
WOW Addon: 5.4.0