Omen Threat Meter WOW Addon 8.2.0/8.0.0/7.1.5

Omen Threat Meter WOW Addon 8.2.0/8.0.0/7.1.5 is a useful add-on for all players who are playing World Of Warcraft. Essentially, Omen, as its name, is a threat meter. Follow the article if you want to uncover more information about this add-on.


Primarily, enemies in World of Warcraft will make a decision about who will attack by deciding who is the most threatening depending on the capabilities the player use. Omen mainly aims to offer correct values of the relative threat level of the player’s group on individual enemies in order to enable the player to see in case they are in danger of pulling aggro. However, the information mentioned above is frequently just critical in raids in which tanks are possible to survive aggro. Nevertheless, it is helpful for multi-player circumstances.

The article will introduce significant changes from version v3.1.6 to v3.1.7 below:

Omen Threat Meter
Omen Threat Meter
  • Offer option to select with the sound channel for playing warnings on. By default, it is SFX
  • Provide currently fixed for MoP patch 5.0.4
  • Has cleared compatibility code for the older version of World of Warcraft.

In short, Omen Threat Meter WOW Addon 8.2.0/8.0.0/7.1.5 has been changed remarkably in order to meet the command of players around the world. Don’t hesitate anymore to download it for free via the link enclosed below the post and experience its greatness right now.

Omen Threat Meter WOW Addon Download Links

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