Postal WOW Addon 8.3.0/8.2.0/8.0.0

Postal WOW Addon 8.3.0/8.2.0/8.0.0  is programmed as an add-on of World of Warcraft with the function of providing enhanced mailbox support. To get further information, read the article below


As mentioned above, the add-on will complement mailbox support by offering in-game many outstanding features as below


  • BlackBook: Offer a contact list that is located next to the To: field
  • Keep track of all your characters in-game as well as list them in case they are on the similar fraction or realm on an “Alts” list
  • Follow the last 20 players who you have mailed in a “Recently Mailed” list
  • The ability to complete names automatically from Recently Mailed/ Alts/ Friends/ Guild/ Contacts list. You are allowed to select which of those lists to use

  • Offer option to fill automatically in the last player mailed to the To: field
  • Offer option to turn off Blizzard’s name auto-completion popup
  • CarbonCopy: Enables you to copy the mail’s contents
  • DoNotWant: Display a clickable visual icon in order to weather a mail will be removed or returned on expiry.
  • OpenAll: enables you to open up all mails of chose types at one time go in your inbox unattended including:
  • All AH Expired/ Won/ Cancelled/ Outbidded/ Success mail
  • In order to open all mails and override your filter settings, you can shift-click in the OpenAll button.

Don’t hesitate to download Postal WOW Addon 8.3.0/8.2.0/8.0.0 for free and enjoy its great features.

Postal WOW Addon Download Links

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