Prat 3.0 WOW Addon 1.13.2/8.3.0/8.2.0

Prat-3.0 WOW Addon 1.13.2/8.3.0/8.2.0 is designed as an add-on for World of Warcraft 3.0with the function of a chat enhancement. What great this add-on brings to us? Follow the article and get further information about the add-on before installing it.


Essentially, this add-on is made up of 30+ smaller “modules”. Each of them aims to offer additional functionality, as well as they are able to be enabled or disabled independently.

You can type /prat for a menu in-game or you can utilize the icon on one of the multiple data broker hosts.


  • For scroll speed as well as chat scroll, you can alter arrows, buttons, mouse scroll
  • You are possible to add color per channel, and color per lvl, or color per class as well
  • Timestamps as well as timestamp color
  • You are able to choose the option for channel “stickys”
  • You also can modify the looks of the chat’s editbox –and even the position it appears or even undock it or move it to the location you want.
  • You also are allowed to alter the font to a list of fonts and add an outline to it, or even monochrome it.

    Prat 3.0
    Prat 3.0
  • You are able to customize the chat frame or chat box looks
  • Capable of setting Chat history as well as channel abbreviations
  • Capable of setting brackets and color
  • Offer alt invite option. You can press the keyboard “alt” button and then click on the name of the player to invite them automatically.
  • And much more

In short, Prat-3.0 WOW Addon 1.13.2/8.3.0/8.2.0 promises to bring you a lot of great conveniences. Download it for free without any hesitation and enjoy it right now.

Prat 3.0 WOW Addon Download Links

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