Quartz WOW Addon 1.13.0/8.3.0/8.2.0

Quartz WOW Addon 1.13.0/8.3.0/8.2.0 is an add-on for World of Warcraft coming along with the function of offering a modular approach to a casting bar add-on. Let’ get started to discover the breakthrough points this add-on brings to us.


Specifically, the article introduces an overview of the modules below with the hope of giving you a better experience.

  • Player

The add-on works with the core of being a lightweight implementation of a standard casting bar coming along with configurable size, as well as icon and text positioning, and colors.

  • Target/Focus

Implement the target and focus casting bars in the same fashion to players’ cast bar.

  • Buffs

Show target and focus buffs as well as debuff as duration bars.

  • Flight

Hook into InFlight or FlightMap in order to show the present flight progress on the player’s casting bar.

  • Global Cooldown


Show off a small spark-bar to display your Global Cooldownthat is near the cast bar.

This is useful for players who would rather not squint at their action bars in order to see when they are possible to cast again.

  • Interrupt

Alter the color and text of the player’s casting bar to assist to display that their cast has been interrupted

  • Latency

Show off the amount of time that is spent between cast send and start events which are in the form of a bar at the end of the player’s casting bar.

And many more modules! Download Quartz WOW Addon 1.13.0/8.3.0/8.2.0 for free and uncover further information.

Quartz WOW Addon Download Links

WOW Addon: 1.13.4
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WOW Addon: 8.1.0
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WOW Addon: 7.2.0
WOW Addon: 7.1.5
WOW Addon: 7.0.3
WOW Addon: 6.2.3
WOW Addon: 6.1.0
WOW Addon: 6.0.3
WOW Addon: 5.4.0
WOW Addon: 5.3.0
WOW Addon: 5.2.0
WOW Addon: 5.0.5
WOW Addon: 4.3.0
WOW Addon: 4.2.0
WOW Addon: 4.1.0
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WOW Addon: 3.3.5
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